Raising capital for your company

January 4, 2017


Beginning a new business requires a lot of expertise and preparation. Raising capital for a company can be really tricky. Entrepreneurs may face difficulties to raise capital in order to market their new business ideas.


Businesses need to raise capital when they do not have enough capital for financing a business expansion or meet regular financial obligations. This is a common tight spot that all entrepreneurs face. They often wonder how to raise enough money and are unsure about how their set up would get its financial security to stay on track.


Businesses nowadays exit in a new economic world which requires creativity and out of the box thinking when it comes to financing. Small businesses have traditionally been the key driver to economic recovery when it comes to hiring. But hiring asks for capital and well… capital can be hard to come by. With the intention of your business to meet its financial needs, you ought to think of alternate ways. We have gathered here some ways for you which might prove to be effective.


Equity Financing:                                                                                                                                        This type of financing in essence is an exchange of money for a piece of ownership. This can be chiefly provided through angel investors. Equity financing eases out the owner in paying back the loaned amount throughout a fixed duration of time. Also, the new business owners instead of worrying to payback the owner immediately can focus on making their products profitable.


Asset lending:                                                                                                                


In a typical asset lending situation, the lender will allow the company to buy about 85 percent of the value of its outstanding demands.  When the invoice is paid in full, the lender may offer to increase the loans by 100 percent of the invoice value. This can help a business build up a credit history.


Debt financing:                                                                                                                                         Debt financing in its simplest terms means a loan. New business owners can also look up to banks for loans. This type of capital raising is usually offered by bank or government agencies. Debt financing as a way to raise capital gives an advantage to the new business owner that they retain maximum control over their new business. In addition, interest in debt financing is often text deductible.


Friends and family:


Instead of turning to banks for loans idea, a lit idea is to consider asking your family or friends to help. Funding from family and friends is a very popular and effective way to gather together some initial capital for a business. Those who are the closest to you not only believe your vision but also in your ability to make that vision a reality. In order to avoid any restraints, it is always wise to draft a legal agreement. An agreement helps to clarify the repayment terms, such as how long you have to pay the loan back or the interest rate etc.


Credit cards:                                                                                                                                         Credit cards can help your business improve its credit rating as long as to make your payments on time. They can also help you receive quick financing for short term business needs.


Boot strapping:                                                                                                                                         Most entrepreneurs nowadays have come to a realization that they have to fund themselves. This is known as bootstrapping. You can obtain money from personal checking or saving account, credit cards or retirement account. If you are confident about you vision, you should be comfortable investing money yourself. This way investors know you have skin in the game.


Cut expenses:


Raising money does not necessarily mean you have to borrow money. Examine your business, find out ways of reducing money and apply that towards business needs. To start off, you can use independent contractors such as web development or technical writing rather than hiring employees.

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